Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)7/02/2018 6:43:50 am PDT

re: #111 Anymouse 🌹

When we were in Poland, people asked us why we would want to go back to the USA because they saw things falling apart here (as in civil war) in the near future.

Up the thread I noted that several Canadians at Wonkette last night suggested I ask for political asylum as an “opposition politician” when we are in Canada.

I don’t know how interested in a vice-mayor of a town of 132 they would be, but when people keep telling you “why are you staying there” you start wondering.

I didn’t get that when I was abroad last summer but a lot had gotten worse since then. I leave for Bratislava next month.