Brilliant: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Trump With a Five-Minute Corruption Game [VIDEO]

ObserverArt2/11/2019 1:47:46 pm PST

re: #51 Belafon

It’s pretty obvious Israel is a touchy topic, considering the way we’re treating it here. And I totally understand the history involved. We just have to make sure it doesn’t get turned into a taboo subject.

Is it any more touchy than racism aimed at Blacks and discussing or actual using the “N” word?

We lost a lot of good contributors here at LGF over a comment some time back that dealt with that very subject.

And that one still disturbs me, but I cannot find the way to express what about it disturbs me that won’t cause even more issues.

I think that is the point we are at with much of these discussions. People don’t really want to talk it out. In ways they want to shout it out and everyone take to their corners where they will stay.