Zefrank's True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimp

William Lewis2/09/2020 4:29:02 pm PST

re: #115 BigPapa

More traditionale: make sauce with onion, crushed tomato, garlic, fine chopped mushroom, and flour for a little bit of a roux. Once that cooks down and starts taking on caramelization, I put in pan. Then the sliced veggies on top in tight pattern, brushed with olive oil and herbs. I like it hot so the veggies cook but don’t stew.

If you do it right you have a layer of brownish saucy goo on the bottom like a lasagne sauce. It’s very rich, but with the toasty veggies on top.

Today it’s eggplant, zuchs, and sweet peppers, with some more shitake and whole garlice cloves. .

Both ways are great food (I last did the confit) so I was just curious.