Trevor Noah: Ill-Fated Premature Coronavirus Victory Laps

Targetpractice7/15/2020 3:37:13 am PDT

re: #114 Quoth the raven, Covfefe.

140,000+ Americans were unavailable for comment.

It’s all short-term thinking for these assholes, about getting past the next “hurdle” under the delusion that the long-term will take care of itself. Get to August and the schools reopen, which frees up the parents to go back to work, which means the economic “recovery” kicks into high gear. That “recovery” provides the stage for the big Trump comeback in the polls, which starts with a huge turnout for the convention and leads to him winning back public support because things have returned to “normal.” That public support follows him into the debates, where he makes the case for another 4 years while destroying Biden’s base of support. And lauded debate performances lead to a big win in November that not only sees him reelected, but Repubs surge back to control of Congress.

What’s that you say? “What if they stumble at any one of these hurdles?” Well, that can’t happen, because this plan is very cunning. More cunning than a fox!////