An Exquisite Classical Guitar Duet: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, Performed by Stephanie Jones & Jakob Schmidt [VIDEO]

A Mom Anon5/08/2019 6:18:17 am PDT

You know, when Paul Manafort’s insane over the top purchases were made public, like that nasty ostrich jacket, something occurred to me. These rich fucks would rather literally wipe their asses with cash and set it on fire than pay taxes.And mostly it seems because they don’t want “their” money to help anyone but other rich people. Reading through some of the Manafort crap, it appears he made those dumb purchases as part of laundering but also to spend down cash he didn’t want to report. Manafort isn’t just some one off rich fuck either. There’s lots more where he and Trump came from. It’s so gross and disgusting, the whole lot of them. They deserve to live with nothing but misery.