This Is Good: Some More News Dives Deeply Into What It All Means: "The Impeachable Mr. Trump" [VIDEO]

goddamnedfrank11/24/2019 2:46:19 pm PST

re: #108 Joe Bacon 🌹

Oh in my gym I keep my mouth shut because it’s filled with steroid junkies who worship Trump. I’m shocked by all the young guys with the MAGA caps on as they work out…

Some lady working out behind me at my Y wanted to change the TV in front of me to FOX and I misunderstood when the trainer asked everyone if it was okay because it was already on the next one down to my right, so I thought they were asking to change it off FOX. I took out my earbuds and said “please, get rid it.”

He asked, “get rid of what?”

I said “FOX, I don’t need to see that garbage!”

She gave up.