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retired cynic12/03/2019 7:20:24 am PST

re: #28 Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus

I don’t get all the Buttigieg attacks that have emerged the past couple of weeks.

I get that he doesn’t believe everything that self-described Progressives hope for, but that is hardly qualifications for damnation.

There is plenty of acrimony in the Dem nomination process.

First it was “Kamala is a Cop!” that was intensely circulating for a couple of weeks, then recently that has died down.

I for one agree with Pete on this issue (about college). I go farther and assert that trying to call 4 years of college education “free” is itself a from of misdirection. 4 years of college education is a highly expensive affair, by which I mean not the price tag which students see, but the very nature of the activity. Trying to hide that cost blurs over the very preciousness of those 4 years and talent it takes to teach the students.

Let me ruffle a few feathers: I wonder if the real problem is that here we have an openly gay man… who doesn’t jump through all the hoops that Warren-ites think a gay person ought to jump through?

I disagree. I was rather on the same page, but unsure, and then I read Judd Legum’s column on Popular Information, The Democratic free-for-all, and it convinced me that I was not understanding all of the issues. I still wonder what happens to private colleges, but perhaps a student who really wants to go to one of those can have the equivalent in tuition from his public college to use in attending a private school.