Barrett Brown vs. Donald Douglas

mr.JA1/11/2010 2:41:23 pm PST

re: #96 Naso Tang

Would it have been very difficult for you to simply say that you disagree, even strongly, with some of their doctrine?

I may not be an English native speaker, but I say that I despise something, then I despise it.
Yes, I may have a strong opinion on it, but I’ve been reading on the actions of the Church lately, and this is again very damaging to the many homosexual people in society - they’re not at all in an easy situation, and then get this rubbed in.

To someone above: I am actually serious about not having anything against believers (apart from giving money to the church), I couldn’t care less and am all for personal freedom and believes.
I do however, have huge problems with the Church as it is. To say that homosexuality is endangering ‘the Creation’ is a very strong statement, and it is just incredibly wrong on every single account.

here’s bit from Penn and Teller, which started my search for information, it has some interesting bits about the current pope and his role in covering up the whole child abuse issue.

The ‘autistic senile’ thing may work better in my language, where we maybe tend to be a bit more rude than in (american) English - I certainly didn’t want to offend anyone, I have a brother that has PDD-NOS (a form of autism), so at home we’re used to make jokes about it… guess you get hardened off a bit.