We Found Where Donald Trump's "Black Crimes" Graphic Came From

Pawn of the Oppressor11/22/2015 8:34:53 pm PST

I think a snarky entrepreneur would do well to work up some Trump 2016 shirts that are brown with a black stripe at the waist and red trim on the sleeves. Make it look as much like an SA uniform as possible but still passable as a designer t-shirt, then sell them outside Trump events. See how much of the crowd they can get to look like actual Nazi thugs… I would laugh.

re: #103 wheat-dogghazi-mailgate

Just to prove I’m not being too snarky, here’s an excerpt from John C. Burns’ motion:

Probably just mandatory CLE. Why, why would an attorney file something that makes him look bad? This guy should go work for the Palins.