Colbert on the GOP's Incredibly Lame Excuses for Voting Against Witnesses in the Trump Impeachment Trial

William Lewis2/04/2020 12:15:25 pm PST

re: #96 lawhawk

Can I play too :)

Best: SRV playing the gym Eau Claire. David Bowie on the Glass Spiders tour. Jackson Browne with Heart opening, mid -80’s both at their peak, Patti Smith.

Paul Westerberg - solo & sober and showing why he was one of the greatest ever.

Hole shortly after Kurt’s suicide and she was stone cold insane. Not in touch with reality.

X twice and John Doe solo once. Glorious work. I’ve got a great photo of him with beer & guitar :D

I’ve seen John Mellencamp 4 times and loved every show.

Had tickets lined up for a Dire Straits concert in London and ended up spending the weekend on alert out in the bushes in my tank instead. It was even more annoying when that show was released as “Alchemy”.