Calls for the GOP to Break Out of Its "Media Cocoon"

GunstarGreen11/12/2012 12:40:23 pm PST

re: #112 Targetpractice

It’s not a matter of getting its crazies under control, it’s one of realizing that they can’t cater to their base and win over minorities. It’s one or the other at this point.

This, this, aaaaaand this. The GOP has to choose: Does it want the votes of sensible, moderate people? Or does it want the votes of people that believe homosexuality and atheism should be criminal offenses?

They always try to make it about economics. Here in Georgia we have WSB, which now runs a daily lineup of Boortz, Pillbaugh, Hannity, and Erickson. All four of them mewl constantly about economics and do everything, absolutely EVERYTHING in their power to stay away from social issues.

Because they know they can’t win on social issues.

But their candidates keep pandering to the whackjob fundamentalists. And sane people keep taking note of it. And it negatively impacts their electoral prospects.

Unless and until they cut out the gangrenous, festering pit of rot and decay that is their hardcore social-issues base, they don’t have a chance in hell in modern America. Even after that they still have slim chances until they adjust their economics.