Mitt Romney Inc.: The White House That Never Was [Holy Crap Did We Ever Dodge A Bullet]

sagehen6/03/2013 7:39:58 pm PDT

re: #6 majii

Romney thought he had a definite “lock” on the WH, hence, the very detailed plans for a “takeover.” Something I always found strange about Romney was how his claim to be a “data driven guy” never seemed to match his words/actions. These plans illustrate this disconnect because history shows that running a government is not the same as running a business, and that our presidents who had prior experience in the business world were some of our worst.

As CEO of America Inc, could we shut down underperforming units? For example, Mississippi. And perhaps fire the non-contributing members… 47% of our citizens would be driven to the Canadian border, told to keep walking.

If/when Canada objects, they’ll undoubtedly give us proximate cause to invade and thereby acquire the tar sands. 2500 miles of unprotected border, our military is 10 times bigger than theirs, and we know from “West Wing” there’s a contingency plan to invade Canada already on file — “written in 1815, revised in 1827, the calligraphy is beautiful.”