A La Carte TV Pricing Would Cost Industry Billions, Report Says

Yeah Sure WhatEVs12/05/2013 10:14:14 am PST

re: #11 PeterWolf

I wonder if they account for people (like me) who will not subscribe to a cable service due to having to pay for a basic package that is composed of mostly crap I do not want. How much does that cost the industry ?

That’s because of the other relatively outdated model of television; broadcast television (the networks like CBS, ABC, etc.) Not that each doesn’t own cable channels (I am blown away by I forget which major conglomerate owns NBC…because they own a TON of cable channels from USA to I think Telemundo or Univision…one of the big Spanish speaking ones).

Heck, maybe I am wrong and Congress made it a requirement that broadcast channels be offered by cable companies (due to all the airwaves going digital)…but I think it was the networks themselves…and I am too lazy to Google it. :-)