Chuck C. Johnson Says He’s Advising the Trump Administration on Nominees - and He’s a Holocaust Denier

lawhawk1/27/2017 11:03:24 am PST

re: #5 Kragar

This is a guy who seriously doesn’t get what his powers are and what his rights and responsibilities are as the Commander in Chief to not even suggest torturing, which is against the Geneva Conventions.

There are damned good reasons not to torture people - mostly because we don’t want our troops tortured or mistreated. There’s also the fact that torture simply doesn’t work as coerced info isn’t likely to be accurate or timely.

But the idiots who think 24 is factual don’t get that torture doesn’t work. People will say anything to stop the torture. They will tell the torturer what they think they want to hear, even when they don’t know anything of use.