The Bob Cesca Show: Smarter Moles

KGxvi9/11/2018 3:50:47 pm PDT

re: #3 plansbandc

From the previous thread:

The moron liar in chief thinks we can solve the debt by printing more money. Pretty sure I learned how that shit didn’t work when I was about 10.


We have people who are coddling someone, one of the most powerful people on the planet, who doesn’t even have the common knowledge of an elementary school kid.

Imagine working for that piece of shit. Imagine supporting him in any way.

No wonder this shit is affecting my health. It’s absolutely fucking terrifying.

I mean, technically, he’s right. But it’ll only work once. Then it turns into Argentina/Venezuela/pick your other favorite basketcase economy. And of course, being that the US dollar is the main reserve currency for the world, it’d probably be even worse/take the entire global economy down with it… and that would probably lead to a very big war, because that tends to be how the world gets out of global economic depressions.