The dork bluff!

Mad Prophet Ludwig10/19/2010 8:49:12 am PDT

re: #11 CuriousLurker

The festival sounds like lots of fun. And it sounds like you’re completely smitten with Miss S. ;o)

I love it when someone tries to pull a computer related dork bluff on me.

When I lived in Atlantic City I had a friend who owned a computer repair shop where he also built & sold a few systems.

One day this young guy walks in, starts looking at one of the computers, and then begins tossing around all kinds of technical jargon trying to haggle over the price. I can tell that Barry (my friend) is getting annoyed with him because both of our B.S. detectors are going off like crazy.

Finally the guys points at the system’s speakers and says. “So what’s the dot pitch of these speakers?” Barry and I look at each other, and his expression is priceless—so much so that I had to choke out an “excuse me” and rush out of the room lest I burst out laughing and ruin the sale.

Yeah, he ended up selling it to the dork for more than it was worth. I felt no pity for little jerk because if he’d just been honest, Barry would’ve given him a fair deal.

I love it! That is sort of a reverse dork bluff!