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Jeff In Ohio1/16/2011 4:21:03 pm PST

re: #11 SpaceJesus

It isn’t the school system’s fault at all. It’s the parents at home, as well as the kids themselves, not taking school seriously. Home schooling does nothing but provide a front for parents who don’t want their kids to integrate or who want to abuse their children both physically and mentally.

My friend, that is a broad brush you paint with.

While no one can negate the tremendous importance of parents being involved in all aspects of their kids education regardless of the location they are educated, there is a lot to be desired in early childhood public school education. For those who are interested in truly unleashing the creative potential of their kids, homeschooling is one approach. If we couldn’t afford Waldorf education, we would most certainly be homeschooling till 4th grade.

And there are plenty of opportunities for home schooled kids to socialize with their peers.