Adam, Eve, Human Genetics, and the Collapse of a Fundamentalist Worldview

Bob Levin6/02/2011 4:26:26 pm PDT

re: #11 windsagio

The problem with that kind of explanation is that it can frankly be taken both ways.

Which ways? Could you be more specific?

And hate to be ignorant, but doesn’t the whole Noah thing kind of negate the need? I’d be the first to admit I’m not really very up on all the commentary involved.

It’s far from ignorant. You’re actually getting it. The Torah is filled with passages that raise those very basic questions, that make you choose to ignore the Torah completely or dig deeper into it. You have to make a choice to dig deeper, every time. It’s your choice. A lot of folks simply avoid the hard questions.

So, if the Torah is negating the idea of Eugenics and other similar theories, the Jews are left with the possibility that we are the descendants of Adam and Eve, since it’s our book. Noah does negate that. In other words, don’t even go there, to the idea of some sort of natural superiority. So, we begin with Abraham, who basically earned it through study and a persistent dedication to discovering truth.