OXYMORON CONFLICT: Raising taxes and lowering taxes is bad economics, yet raising taxes and lowering taxes is good economics.

Rightwingconspirator7/18/2011 3:03:00 pm PDT

re: #10 mikiesmoky2

WOW (notice all caps!)!

By the way, the headline was not all in caps, just the 2 words, OXYMORON CONFLICT.

Er, that’s all I suggested you change, leaving it quite evident I was aware of exactly how you composed the headline.

My bad if that’s what freaked out the brilliant minds on this site.

It’s no freakout, it’s just regarded as rude.

I’ll just fix this for you. Take it as an appropriately restrained reply to a negative attitude on your part.
And yes, Charles has built this site, which should be great for healthy and substantial discussions of various subjects.

Unfortunately, I have not experienced much of this notable goal of “healthy and substantial discussion”.

Try wearing goggles and going to the whip and you might find the finish line.


Try remembering this site vastly ups the number of people that read your published opinions. Even when Charles disagrees with you.