Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Middle East .....

Dark_Falcon11/25/2012 5:38:15 am PST

re: #10 Destro

Sure, since you were polite to ask…..

They’re a ‘covering barrage’. Destro. The stripped down rockets are intended to be launched immediately before the Fajr-5s, the larger rockets with heavy payloads (90 kg of HE). The idea being to launch a large number of smaller rockets to help ‘hide’ the bigger rockets that represent the real threat. And Fajr-5s are a threat, I assure you. 90 kilos of high-explosive is enough to blast down a concrete apartment wall and kill everyone within said apartment. If it impacts in the street, its got a kill-radius of around least 25 meters.

No, Hamas isn’t “lobbing bottle rockets”.