Koch Front Group Americans for Prosperity: Sandy Victims Should 'Suck It Up'

SidewaysQuark1/03/2013 9:42:51 am PST

re: #9 calochortus

One of the other things I wonder about from time to time is, with all those important and productive people in Galt’s Gulch, who cleans the toilets or hauls the trash?

A real Galt’s Gulch would be like the Jamestown settlement populated only by self-declared “gentlemen”, without John Smith to set them straight and force them to work. They’d starve to death.

The one universal trait I’ve noticed about Randroids is they inevitably have a ridiculously high and inaccurate self-opinion about their own ability to produce something useful. They certainly can’t without the surrounding infrastructures they excoriate. For some reason, they seem to think Ayn Rand was talking about THEM when classified only a select few as productive. In reality, anyone who has time to sit around and read that long-winded 1000+ page book probably isn’t very productive at all.