Ridiculous Finger-Style Shredding: Matteo Mancuso, "The Chicken"

Anymouse 🌹5/12/2019 6:58:00 am PDT

re: #111 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

I would say less than $100 here, by the time I cover rent, utilities and automobiles, there is precious little left for restaurants beyond an an occasional take-out.

Someone posted this on-line calculator on whether you should consider rideshares or owning a car.

Amazing that as little as we paid for our car (relative to other cars), no interest (we bought it with cash), and as little as we drive, it still says we would do better with rideshares.

Funny that. I wonder if Uber or Lyft owns the Website? (I suppose I could call a rideshare from Scottsbluff, then wait at least an hour for it to get here or something. There is no such service here.)