A Fantastic New Brad Mehldau Piece and Video: "O Ephraim"

BlueGrl215/12/2019 3:03:49 pm PDT

We’ve talked about genealogy here many times….

It has always been said in my dad’s family that we are Ulster Scots. Forever. Well, my dad got his DNA test done….not exactly.

We’re ~10% Scots-Irish

We’re ~ 72% WELSH. Huh? WTF happened there in the family history? That is NOWHERE.

4% Jewish. I’d heard before that was in my ancestry. There is more from my mother. Diaspora.

The rest is Viking berserkers. Like everyone from that region.

I am shocked. Not in a bad way at all, we just had no idea. But in the most interesting twist of all, I was unintentionally named after two Welsh goddesses, mother and daughter. So, full circle.