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The Pie Overlord!11/26/2019 6:31:04 am PST

re: #38 Teukka

I remember getting Rubella and Measles with a spacing of two or three weeks or so as a kid (8-9 yrs). And I had it easy, was just sunk for two weeks a pop. Which figures with the recent science news that both give your immune system a kick in the cojones.

On a related note, if you have the possibility to take this years flu jab, please do. I has sampled this years flu, and found out the following equation:

psoriaticArthritis + flu = OW

This one goes for your muscles and joints pretty well, and is a sneaky bastard. First you get the nose drip and and a day later the throat ache, then you feel better, only to find out it followed you to the dark alley and knocked you over after yet another day. And I am still recovering from that virus (a little weak and tired, but mostly fine).

I had my annual flu shot yesterday! My arm was itchy and now it’s kinda tender around the injection but flu sucks harder so this vaccine will kick its ass.

My grandpa died 101 years ago in the Spanish Flu pandemic. He was 28 years old.