Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

Anymouse 🌹🏡😷9/16/2020 5:54:48 am PDT

re: #115 Decatur Deb

My friends’ temple was part of this service—sort of pisses ya’ off:

Alabama Jewish prayer service ‘Zoombombed’ with anti-Semitic messages, Hitler images

“It was horrible. There were Nazi imagery, swastikas, images of Hitler, there were videos, some of them I thought were pornographic, but I’m not sure,” Kramer said. “But then the voices came over and they were very loud, very boisterous. They used very bad language, ‘f’in jew,’ ‘go back to the showers.’ Just very foul Holocaust imagery.”

Feel the conservative and Christian love.