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Nojay UK11/26/2020 3:01:31 am PST

re: #119 Eventual Carrion

Just cannot get it through many peoples heads that masks are not primarily to keep you from GETTING COVID, it is to keep you from SPREADING COVID.

The problem is that masks make people think they’re safe from spreading infection and/or and being infected so they take risks, they go to visit with friends and wear a cloth mask from Etsy and spend two hours face-to-face a metre apart talking and spreading the disease, not only between themselves but also to everyone around them in the coffee-shop or bar or wherever. They then go home feeling virtuous and looking down on other people they see in the street not wearing a mask AT ALL! How dare they, don’t they know how serious this disease is?

Wear a mask if you absolutely must go out and interact with other people. Don’t use it as an EXCUSE to go out and interact with people. Stay home, stay isolated as much as possible.