Another Brilliant Deep Dive by John Oliver: Gene Editing

Backwoods_Sleuth7/02/2018 3:16:23 pm PDT

Facebook halted a Procter & Gamble advertisement in support of gay rights, deeming it inadequately labeled as “political.”

The social network stopped running the ad because it lacked a “paid for by” tag in violation of new rules aimed at misleading political ads, according to an Ad Age article.

P&G confirmed there was a disruption to their ad, which has yet to be reinstated.

“It was a post in celebration of PRIDE and was not a political ad,” P&G spokeswoman Tressie Rose said. “We are disappointed it was flagged as such and we’re working with Facebook to understand how to navigate their new policy.”

The disruption comes as P&G has edged some of its advertising to include social issues intended to win a deeper connection with consumers.