The Bob Cesca Podcast: The Mueller Report

Blind Frog Belly White4/19/2019 2:25:17 pm PDT

re: #106 EPR-radar

Trump’s 2016 GOP primary campaign was basically a real-estate grab where Fox News only thought it had clear title to the pig-people.

So Trump is just a symptom of larger problems, and I have no patience for any never-Trump Republican who isn’t prepared to admit that Trump and Trumpism are monsters that Republicans have spent decades creating.

To his credit, Rick Wilson has a chapter in his book where he does exactly that.

I do think that there were a surprisingly small number of genuine Conservatives (as they used to define Conservatism) on the Right, and a whole lot more whose primary motivations were race based.

For example, they all hate welfare, but the real Conservative hates it because they believe in self-reliance and small government. The rest? They hate it because black people get it, and they believe black people are lazy and shiftless.

Or on Foreign Policy, the real Conservatives believed the Iraq war would cause democracy to flower in the ME. The rest? They wanted to kill them some A-Rabs.