Gutfeld's Stunt: A Ground Zero Gay Bar

garhighway8/10/2010 10:22:43 am PDT

re: #104 DaddyG

There is a distinction.

Criticism falls under “blaming”.

Bashing is the name calling (Chimpbushhitler…) and other unhinged behavior.

The President has engaged in blaming. This is horribly non-productive because it focuses on placing fault and neglects to own up to the bi-partisan problems that need fixing, not affixing to each others party.

To me, it’s non-productive unless it falls under the category of “setting the record straight”. If, for example, someone wants to blame Obama for this recession, I think it is entirely appropriate and fair for him (or those on his behalf) to remind people of the timeline and causes of the recession. That further matters because if one doesn’t understand the causes, they are likely to prescribe the wrong cure.