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SanFranciscoZionist7/17/2011 7:09:15 pm PDT

re: #111 SpaceJesus

Interesting. The former white nationalist “pop” twins “Prussian Blue” are all about pot now, and aren’t racist.

“Pot has also helped the twins rekindle the creative impulses they once channeled into their music. They’ve both taken up painting — astrological themes, mostly — and Lynx restores furniture. They hope to enroll in college, and intend to dedicate themselves to making medical marijuana legal in all 50 states.”


Somebody buy Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain a couple ounces. We can fix them, I have the proof.

Meanwhile, they’ll keep growing up. Impressive as their transformation has been, for instance, their views on World War II still bear traces of the Holocaust denial ideology they were taught as children. For instance, asked whether the Holocaust happened, Lynx replied, “I think certain things happened. I think a lot of the stories got misconstrued. I mean, yeah, Hitler wasn’t the best, but Stalin wasn’t, Churchill wasn’t. I disagree with everybody at that time.”

Moral relativism, and ‘no one can really know exactly what happened’: Not just diseases of the fringe left.