If Your Website's Full of Assholes, It's Your Fault

Eclectic Cyborg9/26/2011 2:03:06 pm PDT

I’ve learned that in any community, real or virtual, you have to earn respect and pay your dues.

On another site I frequent I started off as a simply a normal commenter. I made a point of not posting stupid/hateful/derogatory stuff and contributing to the discussion. Eventually I became a moderator and now I’m a senior moderator. I appreciate the experience of having earned that.

It’s the same with LGF. I finally caught a registration window, then posted a few comments here and there and then when the pages came in I started posting those. I’m still a relative newbie but I like to think I’ve earned some respect as a poster who at least treats everyone with respect.

I treat my online conversations on sites like LGF the same way I view a talk with a friend.

I am VERY thankful for a site like LGF. It’s one of the few places online I’ve found that has good, interesting, sane discussion about politics and also features both left and right leaning members.

If you want to see example of how to do comments wrong, go to youtube. It so bad over there it makes Yahoo look classy.