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mmmirele6/22/2019 9:06:51 am PDT

DOJ attorney Sarah Fabian is trending on Twitter this morning. She’s the woman who argued earlier this week that providing soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and blankets wasn’t part of “safe and sanitary.”

(Video cued up to the point where Fabian is arguing with Judge Berzon. The judge sitting on the left is Wallace Tashima, who was interned at a camp here in Arizona as a child, so he KNOWS.)

17-56297 Jenny Flores v. William Barr

There are some people arguing that she’s just doing her job, but no. While yes, every client should have representation, some arguments should be beyond the pale. Like this one. Especially in a situation where it looks like our government is violating the Geneva Conventions and the human rights of these children. What you’re supposed to do in a situation like this is tell your bosses, no, you can’t make that argument, and then quit. But Sarah Fabian sold her soul already—she’s the same woman who couldn’t work on a critical immigration case one weekend last year because she had to dogsit.