Pittsburgh Cop-Killer Was Conspiracy Nut and Member of Stormfront

Right mind left4/05/2009 10:04:00 am PDT

While I agree that Glenn Beck is a sensationalist, driven to get out the message that the government is out of control and needs to be stopped, the idea of this government heading toward (or explicitly being) fascism is not untrue - in an interview on PJTV with the head of the Ayn Rand Institute (I believe) they had the same discussion about the recent, excessive government’s control over business behavior being specifically defined as fascist, not socialist.

The rapid changes and Obama’s specific statements of intent to giving-away of the US fiscal rights to the IMF oversight committees is further deeply disturbing. Paired with the suggestions about the Cloward-Piven strategies and Soros’ known ideologies, there are some things to voice loud concern over and too much of the society is frankly asleep still.

So, for Beck to get up and out there at least is bringing the debate alive. I do not condone the nutjobs and their violence. What I do hope is that enough people are made aware of the sweeping changes that are overcoming us, so there is potentially a way to stop the insanity.

Beck, when I heard him (and I do NOT watch enough of him to endorse him) was pressing for people to stand up, not partisan lined but ALL citizens AGAINST what is no longer a government by, of and for the people, protecting them individually