TSA Threatens Bloggers for Posting New Screening Rules

webevintage12/31/2009 12:49:59 pm PST

re: #84 MandyManners

Why do people even open their doors to strangers?

I have no idea.
I have a sign on the door that I put after a long week of Witnesses, guys selling steak and 2 Baptist Churches wanting to let me know about the revivals that were coming up. These folks make my 3 dogs go crazy.

Please Go Away If You are selling something….even Jesus.
No salesmen, Baptists, Evangelicals, Jehovah Witnesses.
You folks annoy me and make my dogs bark.

Post Office, UPS, friends and family?
You guys are always welcome at our house.
Thanks for coming by!”

It works.
I had people come up to the steps, read the note and turn around and go bother my neighbors. People who know me just laugh at it.