Tuesday Night Slow Blues: Joe Bonamassa, "The Great Flood"

Jenner79/12/2018 7:22:31 am PDT

My 83 year old Dad is in the hospital with pneumonia. But I’m more worried about something else. He has episodes where he’ll phase out. He forgets how to walk, eat, and he’s been having accidents. They started last year and he quickly snaps out of them, but this last week has been really bad. We’ve told his doctor and he didn’t seem concerned. It’s been really hard to take care of him. We finally got a nurse to witness one of his episodes in the hospital and I’ve explained everything to our case worker, so I hope they have some options for us. I know I can’t do this alone. I finally got some sleep after getting none the last 48 hours.

Hope everyone is well. If anyone is in Florence path, be safe!

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