Andy Timmons Shows How It's Done: "On Your Way Sweet Soul"

Hecuba's daughter2/03/2019 8:01:20 am PST

re: #98 HappyWarrior

I feel like I was lied to TBH.

Northam was clearly a jerk when he was in school. Racism appeared to be common in these Virginia schools and absolutely disgraceful. His behavior was deplorable but so far there is no evidence that it was criminal or that his cruelty extended to actual personal interaction with minorities or that he belonged to any racist organizations such as the KKK. After 35 years, is it really lying if someone does not stand up and confess every sin committed in the distant past? Yes, he was in his 20’s and not his teens, but it was a toxic environment at that time.

OTOH, he really blew his opportunity yesterday to explain what happened. Those here who speculated that this sounded like a Roger Stone attack may be accurate. The GOP deliberately withheld this information until it could inflict the most damage on Northam or distract from Trump-related crimes.