Nontroversy of the Day: Dede Scozzafava

iceweasel10/16/2009 7:37:21 pm PDT

re: #97 Irenicum

That just blows my mind. I can’t imagine having a life that devoid of meaning that this behavior seems even close to normal. Amazing!

re: #99 albusteve

thanks for the skinny

No problem. I don’t think those people are worth talking about or thinking about, but it is important that people know what’s really going on there, especially as the members of it are actively seeking to recruit people from here — and lying to them in order to do it.

The founders will claim they ‘don’t know why they were banned’ or that they were ‘banned for no reason’. They’re lying.

BTW, their official plan was always to move to a forum soon. This is rubbish, as they could have easily set up a free forum within minutes— but they wanted to be on an open blog purely to recruit people from here.

I can assure you that when they do start such a forum, it will have locked threads, inaccessible to the average member, labelled something innocuous like “for admin use only”— and that’s where the main LGF bashing and plotting will be happening.

All I can say is, people are strange…

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(sorry albusteve…echo and the bunnymen, not the doors. ) :)