ABC Has a Recording of Donald Trump Yelling 'Take Her Out' About Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Targetpractice1/24/2020 12:35:57 pm PST

re: #117 Joe Bacon 🌹

This talk about Bernie reminds me of Grandma Bacon talking about Culbertson Olson’s term as California Governor.

In 1934, Upton Sinclair was the Democratic nominee for California and he was running on an avowedly Socialist EPIC platform. Sinclair was defeated but the backlash to the Republican incumbent was so intense that Olson was elected in 1938 and right from the start die hard Sinclairites went after him with multiple recalls. Olson was also an avowed atheist which further undercut him.

No doubt in my mind that Berniebots will turn on him when he can’t get anything passed…and McConnell will have a field day investigating Jane’s finances…

Nah, Berners would follow the philosophy that Bernism cannot fail, it can only be failed. They wouldn’t turn on him, they’d turn on the Dems and scream at any seen as insufficiently dedicated to the cause. You want to help the Repubs roar back to major majorities in both houses of Congress? Put Bernie on the throne and watch as Dem voters ask aloud what’s the point of keeping/expanding the party’s majority if they’re just gonna get yelled at for his failures.