Twitter "Verifies" Charlottesville Nazi Rally Organizer Jason Kessler

Charles Johnson11/08/2017 7:05:00 pm PST

A real, genuine email I just received through our contact form.

Hi Little Green Football
I am writing about an adorable pro-Trump Children’s book that is perfect
for the holidays. Please do not publish this message. I am writing with
a professional inquiry.

Whether you want to share the story of Trump’s amazing election with
your children or grandchildren, or you just want a callback to your own
childhood, THUMP: The First Bundred Days is the perfect retelling of the
unforgettable race of 2016.

The book, written by Timothy Lim, Mark Pellegrini, and Brett R. Smith,
is anchored by funny poems and gorgeous artwork. The story of Trump’s
election is brilliantly retold for toddlers and the young at heart as
the story of Thump, a bunny that beats the odds to become President!

The book is already generating great feedback and amazing social media
reach. Just last weekend, Jack Posobiec read the book live, and tweeted
it out to his near-quarter million followers. Renowned Dilbert creator
Scott Adams exclaims, “Everything about this makes me laugh.” Thump
currently ranks in the top 20 political humor books on Amazon, and is #7
in parody.

Won’t you Hop on the Thump Campaign Trail with us?
Please let me know your thoughts on running a piece about the book, or
interviewing its authors!