Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/07/2010 2:34:41 pm PDT

re: #111 Charles

Come on, LVQ — it’s not helpful to talk about trying and executing climate change deniers. You’re not advocating violence, exactly, because you said they should be tried first. But you have to know this is never going to happen, so what’s the point of posting it except to show that you feel strongly about the issue (which we already know), or to get people wound up?

You can make your points a lot more effectively without the rhetorical excess. And I don’t really like dealing with the fallout. So please knock it off.

Actually, I am making a very serious point. These people are actively working to kill future generations for their own greed. Yes I know that they will never face justice in this world.

However, I am completely serious when I say that they are attempting mass murder whether they or you care to admit it or not.

It is no different than setting off a bomb in a crowd - except that this will kill many more people. If you set a bomb up, it obeys certain physical laws and does what it does following cause and effect of trigger mechanisms and explosives.

IF you insure that we continue to burn fossil fuels at the rates we are burning them, cause and effect happens. The science is the same in principle, in that you have people knowingly doing things that will kill others for their own selfish gain. The moral difference is in magnitude.

Given this, please tell me how they are not committing crimes against humanity?