Rick Santorum Now Writing for World Net Daily: 'The UN Wants to Kill My Daughter'

Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos12/03/2012 4:36:45 pm PST

Regarding Santorum joining up with the WND nuthouse.

The article talks about yet-another John Birch Society-fed conspiracy (along with the non-existent FEMA Camps, NAFTA, black helicopters, gun confiscation campaigns, ad nauseam) over how the commie UN is going to take over the United States. Never mind that not a single one of their fevered predictions have come to pass. On the other hand their mindset has given rise to individuals like Randy Weaver, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, David Adkisson, James Von Brunn, and groups like the Minuteman and Hutaree militia groups.

Meanwhile, at WND, what is their solution to liberalism?
Round all the liberals up and execute them for treason.

WND Columnist: Prosecute Liberals, Journalists for Treason