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That letter reminds me of what I was reading last night about how if a child was baptized as a Christian (even in secret without the parents’ permission or knowledge), church officials could and did come in and take the child away to be raised as a Christian. I can’t even imagine…

Looks like a modified version of the practice was going on right up into the post-war 1940’s:

Jewish children hidden twice over by the Church
A French historian examines a 1946 directive forbidding Catholic authorities from handing over baptized Jewish children to their families after the Holocaust

PARIS — Reopening a scandal that broke in 2004, the new French book “L’Eglise de France et les enfants juifs” (“The French Church and Jewish Children”) is a 10-year investigation into one of the most controversial post-war Catholic Church policies.

The book, which recently hit French bookstores, opens with a October 23, 1946, directive from the French Apostolic Nunciature that author Catherine Poujol found in the Church Archives in 2004 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a commune in the southwestern area of Paris.

Leaked to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera without her permission on December 28, 2004, the document — written in French and “approved by the Holy Father” — forbids Catholic authorities from allowing Jewish children who had been sheltered by Catholics and baptized to be returned to their families and communities. […]