Jason Isbell, Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "If We Were Vampires" [VIDEO]

Dr Lizardo1/31/2019 1:13:11 am PST

An interesting article here - the retail apocalypse isn’t just happening in the US……it’s also happening in the UK, as online sales of common goods lead to physical store closures.

Can’t say I’m surprised, to be honest. I teach a few students that work at the shopping mall closest to me; they’re mall managers, and they’ve also noticed that online shopping is slowly but surely starting to come into play here in Czech Republic as well.

I’ve done online shopping plenty of times - the sad truth is that many products I’m searching for simply don’t exist here in Czech Republic, and I have little other choice but to buy them online. Also, cost is a factor; online prices are typically 30% to 40% cheaper than their brick-and-mortar competitors and many of these online shops now offer free shipping and returns.

Why go to the store when I can have it in a couple of days, or a couple of weeks at the most, and save myself some money to boot?