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lawhawk2/26/2019 6:25:09 am PST

So far, since the Indian AF attack on something in Pakistani controlled territory, there have been no reprisals. Pakistan claims nothing was hit except a bunch of trees and rocks. India claims that they took out a Jaish-e-Mohammed training camp and killed a bunch of terrorists there.

The narratives allow both sides to claim that they won and enough plausible deniability that it can be a one-off that doesn’t lead either/both sides to escalate.

Still, can’t imagine that Pakistan will be happy with the attack, or the fact that Indian fighter jets slipped into Pakistani territory without too much effort. There’s probably more going on here than meets the eye as the Pakistani government knows that these terror groups operate on their territory but the government can’t directly crack down without reprisals against the government itself.

If things stay silent over next 24 hours, I think we could say that this was a one-off.