It Begins: The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump [LIVE VIDEO]

Blind Frog Belly White1/16/2020 2:17:42 pm PST

re: #110 Jay C

True: except “that guy” - for all his money - still has the personality of some dumbshit working-stiff from Queens: loud, abrasive, egocentric - and, as long as he directs his stream of assholish invective and insult towards those that GOPers (of whatever class) consider their “enemies” - they’ll ignore or rationalize away all of Trump’s failings.

I was watching Brian Williams last night. He had Nick Christoff and Sheryl WuDunn, who have written a book on communities in America where the working class is losing hope, dying in unexpected numbers from opiates and other addictions, etc. One of the things Kristof said was about the American Right and their whole thing about “personal reponsibility”, blamign the people in these communities for their own problems. But he kinda ‘both-sidesed’ it, by saying some on the Left say they brought this on themselves voting for the GOP all this time.

The GOP is ACTIVELY working to make these people’s lives worse, with things like more stringent limits on SNAP and similar, while waxing lyrical about the “Dignity of Work”. Meanwhile the Democrats are trying to save their benefits, make education more affordable, increase their wages, and get them universal healthcare and reduced prescription drug prices. I have never heard any prominent Democrat suggest we should leave these folks to suffer because they voted GOP.

But beyond that, Trump got elected by appealing to these folks with the promise of bringing back the 1950s and punishing the people they imagined took away their prosperity. He’s done fuck all to achieve the first goal, and there’s NO WAY to go back there, anyway. It will never again be profitable to have the small factories in little towns all over exurban America, or even in bigger cities like Erie or Scranton. That time is GONE, and it isn’t because these folks have been replaced by an equal number of Chinese doing the same jobs in little towns there. But they’ll largely cling to Trump because he’s been working assiduously at the second goal, punishing the people they think are responsible.

I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not going to be giving more money to the rich, making imported goods less affordable, and taking food out of struggling families’ mouths. Jobs are concentrating increasingly in the metro areas, and people will have to move to them. At the same time, all those people moving in will make housing even more unaffordable unless we build radically more housing where the jobs are. But even then, we can’t keep concentrating wealth and income at the top.

The Free Market won’t fix this.