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Belafon2/07/2020 7:47:36 pm PST

re: #121 calochortus

I think it’s supposed to replace the other programs. It strikes me as inflationary if he also gives me that $1000 too because I’m not wondering where my next meal/next month’s rent is coming from, so it’s just a bit of a leg up for me in any bidding wars.

The first rule of equality: If you deny something to any one group, it can be taken from others.

You have to give this to everyone, otherwise it will become real easy to get our middle class to start hating on others. Give me the value when it starts, and subtract it from my salary.

I’m iffy on the implementation in this country that is shitty at taking care of its citizens, but I personally think if it were implemented properly we could have a lot more people able to take care of themselves and those around them, and people wouldn’t be taking jobs they really don’t want just because.