TSA Threatens Bloggers for Posting New Screening Rules

iceweasel12/31/2009 12:55:12 pm PST

re: #46 sattv4u2

You may get a punch in the mouth from jimmah, though!

re: #44 Gus 802

ICEMOM? Uh oh, we need to pat-down ICEweasel. Could be from ICE!


Alas, Jimmah is even now at an airport, being patted down as we speak.

ICEweasel awaits a spousal visa, which will require, in addition to documentation of every aspect of our existences, the collection of my biometric data to be matched against the DHS database. (not kidding!) Until then? He’s in Scotland and I’m in the US.

Now, if only I had exploding underwear and a parent that alerted homeland security about me, I could apparently get a US visa anywhere anytime….