Colin Powell Supports Repealing DADT

Buck2/03/2010 11:42:49 am PST

re: #113 Obdicut

I’m not trying to paint you as anything, man. I’m reacting to what you did: posted a completely off-topic attack on Obama for being something subjective and abstract.

There exists a particular website dedicated to tracking Obama’s promises kept and promises broken, so I’m not sure what you mean by nobody calling him on his ‘lies’. His ratio of promises kept to broken is rather high, too.

You really don’t need to ask someone why they would support some of a persons positions and not others, unless you think people are literally one dimensional. Normal people will have agreements and disagreements with anyone…

AND you should not that I am not supporting Obama. I make it clear that I am miles past him on this issue. How can someone who feels DADT is discriminatory but not see the “Defense of Marriage Act” as discriminatory.

The websites are not counting many of the lies. It is so easy to game these lists… just ignore the issues you don’t think are important enough.
For example the one I mention in the post that seems to have shocked and confused you.