Calls for the GOP to Break Out of Its "Media Cocoon"

allegro11/12/2012 12:45:58 pm PST

re: #119 GunstarGreen

They always try to make it about economics. Here in Georgia we have WSB, which now runs a daily lineup of Boortz, Pillbaugh, Hannity, and Erickson. All four of them mewl constantly about economics and do everything, absolutely EVERYTHING in their power to stay away from social issues.

Because they know they can’t win on social issues.

They can’t win on economic ones either, partly in thanks to OWS that changed the conversation from austerity and debt to income inequality. The GOP was taken out for being the party of the rich and for the rich as much as any social issue. The party certainly has no “fiscal responsibility” leg to stand on though many still argue that party virtue, as easily disproven by reality as it is.