ICE Lured Foreign Students With Legal Visas to a Fake University, and Now They're Being Arrested

goddamnedfrank11/27/2019 4:50:43 pm PST

re: #59 Jebediah, RBG

I guess I don’t know enough about guns to know if I should be surprised that the 30-06 barrel is under the 12 guages, but I am pretty sure that I am.

It’s probably because of the scope rings, the mounts need something to drill into and the rib & solder sandwich joining the barrels creates a nice space for that which doesn’t compromise the heat treated barrel steel. Also, 12 gauge has a far lower max chamber pressure, so you don’t need as much structural metal thickness there to begin with. As a result, if the rifle barrel was on top the entire vertical stack would need be a lot thicker to create the same margin for safety.